• Flashlight HC Pro

Set of two lights designed for photographers who do not use the photo flash in the work. This kit fully meets the needs of the light. HC Pro kit allows you to expand the horizons for your creativity. Usually one of flashlight is used as a fill light source, the second as a backlight.

So You get a shining and voluminous photoes.

Light flow 2654 lm (4292 lm)
Brightness control Yes
Light flow control Yes
Batteries 2 hour 20 min
Used time at maximum brightness
Used time at average brightness 5 - 6 hours
Size of flashlight 55 mm * 330 mm
Сharger size 155 mm * 50 mm * 90 mm
Clamp size 85 mm * 70 mm * 20 mm
Weight 1990 g
Flashlight 2 pcs
Belt 2 pcs
Battery charger 1 pcs
Battery 6 pcs
Tripod mount 2 pcs

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Flashlight HC Pro

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Available Options

Belt case

Belt case



Color filters for flashlight
Universal mount / clip

Universal mount / clip

Universal clamb "Clothespin" with it you can fix the flashlight on various surfaces, pipes, tree bra..


Swivel head

Swivel head

A clamb "Swivel head" is designed to change the angle of the flashlight mounted on the tripod...